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This Is Harder Than I Thought

This Is Harder Than I Thought It started as a lark Running for president I had grown bored of The Apprentice And Melania bored of me So I donned my flag pin And a longer than life Red China tie And stood on the stage With the rest of the crowd Of Obama, woman, health […]

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Where is Alan Ginsberg?

                                                                               Where is Alan Ginsberg? I Fear a multitude of minds wallowing in their ineptitude and madness, who wish to build a wall of isolationism. Who do not realize who provides the bread for them to […]

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Four Room School House

Four Room School House In the mid-sixties, before Socorro consolidated it schools I attended the four room, gray school house in Lemitar, NM. With teachers like Mrs. Otero—later I would drive her poor husband crazy in high school—karma that has definitely been returned to me over my over twenty years as a teacher myself— Mr. […]

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