Month: February 2016

Pink Elephant

A stuffed animal left near a rental cabin in the Lincoln forest. The proverbial pink elephant? An insignificant item that seems to anchor those few days in one’s mind. Muddy and forgotten. What sort of life did it participate in before it was  abandoned in the rocks, pine needles, and mud? Did it once absorb dreams in a […]

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This was a sketch of me done by an art student. More an interpretation of me than a close representation. Everyone sees us differently. We see ourselves differently than anyone or everyone else. And we are constantly changing, so it’s really hard to tie anyone down to a certain perception. We live and learn. We […]

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Clouds, three straight trees, a cottonwood, a pecan and life’s changes

I took this pic to capture the gorgeous clouds in the background. During the drought that went on here for several years (it’s not really over) we went what seemed like eons without seeing a single puff of white in the sky. The three green sentinels in mid picture I planted years ago. When first […]

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