Month: February 2016

Tedious relationships

Venturing into the world of human relationships, there is wheat, but there is also chaff. One often hears of toxic human relationships, but googling the word “tedious” finds that that particular sort of interconnection seems, to this writer, to be more prevalent nowadays. That relationship where you must do all the work. Build their ego up. Often at […]

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Late nite diatribe

The native plants are revealing signs of spring growth. Possibly, winter may be easing out.                                  Spring season awakening dormant nature. Tonight, a brief respite from trials and tribulations of trying to please this one and that. Brief. Visited with a fellow writer for a few moments—minutes of pleasurable human communication stitched into the evening’s fabric. […]

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Salt lake

                                                Today’s heretic is tomorrow’s sage.  

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