Category: Poems

Little Bear

Little Bear waves to us From a hill above our walking path Now populated by grey skeletons Of blue spruce, pine, and junipers Splaying their stark arms skyward. They once flourished there above A carpet of grass and cragged, Split stones. It is not a real bear That roams the hillside searching For grubs and […]

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Fall Poem

The Fall The dropping amber foliage, resembling my daily mistakes; collapsing to earth’s soil. Accumulating at first/ skittering in light winds, over-tumbling in quick gales. Hiding in the corners of square, hardened buildings, eventually hidden below cultivating, composting sins growing, fertilizing: the undergrowth and shrubbery, and above those, the thick trees nourished by the rich […]

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Covfefe BY AWG ’Twas Mitch, the slithy tortoise man Who did hide and plot to legislate: All mimsy were the one per cent, and P-Ryan used his Priebus bait. “Beware the Cpvfefe, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Embrace the T. Cruz bird, and hug the fabulous Goldman Sacks!” He took […]

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