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Little Bear

Little Bear waves to us From a hill above our walking path Now populated by grey skeletons Of blue spruce, pine, and junipers Splaying their stark arms skyward. They once flourished there above A carpet of grass and cragged, Split stones. It is not a real bear That roams the hillside searching For grubs and […]

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Starting a new chapter

Barbara and I have staked out a claim to a new residence in Alto, NM. The last year has been an adventure of selecting a new home and pulling up stakes in Lea Co. We purchased a ‘fixer-upper’ and it has truly been that. And all this during a pandemic. It has truly been an […]

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Falling behind

I’m afraid I haven’t done much with the blog or site in over eleven months now. Been sort of hiding out. Haven’t been working on my writing much or promoting my books. I’m glad I came in tonight and checked things at least. I hope all is well with whomever reads this.

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