Month: May 2016

Getting organized

Well, Memorial Day is almost over with. Just a few more hours. Spent most of the day cleaning, organizing, puttering around the property. Over the weekend, tried to get the last organization done on my retirement papers, so I can get those signed, notarized and mailed to Santa Fe. Finished the weekend tonight by trying […]

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A Work In Progress…

I started working at around the age of fifteen cleaning two hotel swimming pools, sweeping their sidewalks, painting dingy rooms back into shape, and clerking. From there, I moved on to college, over a decade in the media and well over a decade in the oil patch. For the sake of expediency, I’ll leave out […]

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A Cup of Espresso and a Good Book

Old friends I’ve come to trust: a cup of espresso and a good book. In the last few weeks as friendsand colleagues discovered my retirementplans, they would inquire as to what I woulddo. Will you travel? What will holdyour interest? Occupy your time? A cup of espresso and a good book and maybe occasionally, that […]

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