Month: May 2016

Does One Read As Well as Write?

Robert Pinsky has said that the trouble with poetry is there are too many people writing it. That generalization is likely further extrapolated by him if one pursues his speeches and writings.  Please, be patient with me. I’m going somewhere here if I can. I would add the point: maybe there are too many people […]

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Today’s word: Entropy. Yesterday, a spring day. Last night, a winterish storm began pushing through even fooling the indigenous plants: mesquite, pecan trees, wild flowers, which had started to bloom. Morning comes, looking outside, I notice fence work to do first thing. The northeastern wind had torn loose several sections of fencing which needed immediate repair. […]

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Tonight, the word that keeps rising to the top of my consciousness is Perspective. Last night, sitting in the backyard, the stars seemed so bright even with all the light pollution of north Hobbs. The Perspective of timelessness reigned. Looking outward centuries into the past. The light from the nearest one leaving its boiling, atomic […]

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