Little Bear

Little Bear

Little Bear waves to us

From a hill above our walking path

Now populated by grey skeletons

Of blue spruce, pine, and junipers

Splaying their stark arms skyward.

They once flourished there above

A carpet of grass and cragged,

Split stones.

It is not a real bear

That roams the hillside searching

For grubs and raising its cubs

But a sawed-off stump…

The remains of a once great

Alligator juniper tree that rose

Above the green hillside of a forest

Destroyed by Little Bear Fire

Which was birthed by lightening over

A decade ago.

The beckoning arms are but broken branches.

The ears, face, and body

Modeled from one part severed tree limbs

and two parts imagination.

Human resourcefulness invents form

even if one must often dream it.

Our grasp of Time inspires us in viewing

The beauty that remains amid Nature’s

Violent destruction……

And imagining that over future years

plants, insects, animals, and nature

will return the forest to its former

Green glory.

And the stump that is presently Little Bear

May nestle in the shadow of a flourishing  

New forest.