Year: 2017

Dark Game

                                                    Dark Game           When the door thudded three times at his San Francisco apartment, Andrew Finch wondered if opportunity knocked. He shuffled to the door. He hated late company, […]

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This Is Harder Than I Thought

This Is Harder Than I Thought It started as a lark Running for president I had grown bored of The Apprentice And Melania bored of me So I donned my flag pin And a longer than life Red China tie And stood on the stage With the rest of the crowd Of Obama, woman, health […]

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Shut Up and Love

Last night we attended a lecture by the non-fiction writer Malcolm Gladwell. A valid point was put forth that there seems to be a rancor seething across the land. Everyone seems uneasy and easily angered. Many look at everyone else right now and see only the things in which we differ and not the many […]

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