Year: 2017

Fall Poem

The Fall The dropping amber foliage, resembling my daily mistakes; collapsing to earth’s soil. Accumulating at first/ skittering in light winds, over-tumbling in quick gales. Hiding in the corners of square, hardened buildings, eventually hidden below cultivating, composting sins growing, fertilizing: the undergrowth and shrubbery, and above those, the thick trees nourished by the rich […]

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New Books Available

Check out my new books available. Follow this link for the best and easiest way to purchase them unless you can catch me in person at an upcoming event.

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A Tale of Two Ants

A Tale Of two Ants? I walk the 2 ½ mile path at the site of the old Air Force Training center in Hobbs, New Mexico, whose claim to fame is that Jimmy Stewart trained here— Over the early summer mornings, I observe the cactus, mesquite, and golf course grass. The desert’s flora and fauna […]

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