Month: March 2016

An excerpt from Mordake

“He’s captured it, sí. But mythical it is not.” He pulled up his sleeve to reveal marks that looked as if a tiger had mauled him. Old marks, healed now, like a hideous brand, claimed by a hideous master. “No, I can say no more. Just leave me. I wouldn’t return there for all the […]

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Everyone asks me what I’ll do when I retire from teaching. Read. Write. Contemplate. Meditate. Sleep late? In Indian culture, it is the time to enter Vanaprastha.

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Fort Davis

                                                                    Chapter One                                                  West Texas Plains Near Fort Davis, May 1870      Captain Easton mounts a brief rise and squints at the burning stagecoach. “Apaches,” barks Sergeant Kennedy, as both survey the vast stretch of gramma, cactus, and yuccas. Overhead a May sun flattens the smoke into a splay of drifting, feathering gray. Mary’s stage? Kennedy […]

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