Month: March 2016


Perseverance. To have the fortitude of this slight flower. A dandelion seed lands in a sterile sidewalk crack. It bides its time until enough moisture and nutrients inspire it to send down a slight anchoring root which it garnishes with a few stubby, sturdy leaves. One has to look close. It doesn’t shoot skyward but […]

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May You Live in Interesting Times An old Chinese curse that some might believe pertains to them more than others at any particular moment. Dogen, the 13th century Zen master, said, “Impermanence is a fact before our eyes.” All things in the universe are temporary, transitory, and constantly changing. This may not always comfort. We become accustomed to “things as we […]

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In Japanese art and culture there exists a term for beauty in imperfection. The all-too-perfect may get boring. The reason that movie star with the mole on her cheek captured us more than a flawless one. The reason the priest threw a handful of leaves back on the newly swept sidewalk after the novice had dutifully […]

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