Month: April 2016

Philosophers In Plain Sight

Tonight, homage is paid to a philosopher that lived so close (his daily comic strip) that he hid in plain site, as the old saying goes. Shultz delved into a myriad of life’s quandaries in his simple vignettes. They say you don’t know something until you can explain it. Charles must have known quite a bit […]

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Studying Seagulls

                                              Studying Seagulls Father and his son measure the lake’s slopping shore.The boy suffering two steps to the man’s one,shot-gunning questions to his father’s plaid shirt.“Why do birds fly?  Stones skip, Daddy? Fish jump?Waves mess up the shore with driftwood […]

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ME and Indra’s Net

First, if these presentations ever sound like lectures, let the emphasis be that they apply to (me) as well as to anyone else who might be reading them. I’m ruminating with the idea that sometimes the topic may hit on something that seems common ground to us both. Thinking in public so to speak. Like speaking in public, it may be a scary pursuit, […]

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