Month: April 2016

A Leaf in Time

If one looks carefully on the sidewalk near counseling at HHS you’ll notice this modern fossil. When workers poured the sidewalk, a solitary leaf fell unnoticed, or maybe it was noted, and the individual laying the concrete left it on purpose. Sort of an inside joke. A subtle signature.So, there it lays. The tree like a mischievous, […]

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Perfect People

  Perfect People The parade of perfect people has begun. Soon, therewill be few faces, tracedwith the leavings of acnescars from youth. Soon,all teeth will compare to the white of pasteurizedmilk, straightenedpast the charm of a gap, or twist. The parade of perfect peopleis growing. Botox tightenedforeheads, devoid of  reaction.Scalpel tightened throats swallowing age. The parade […]

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Archer City, Tx

This is the Spur Hotel in Archer City, Texas north of Dallas. Larry McMurtry grew up there. The writer of Lonesome Dove fame and The Last Picture Show. I went there as sort of a pilgrimage. McMurtry owns a score of buildings there crammed with books. Barbara and I stayed at this hotel. We were the only […]

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