Bumble Bee Hive


Bumble Bee Hive

          Bumble Bee Hive
Our adobe house in Lemitar
with its two foot thick walls
—a child could stand comfortably
in the deep set windows—
was home to a hive of bumble
bees with their thick, velvety
bodies and their slow
calisthenics; I remember an old
weathered saddle frame lay splayed
in the attic—squat in the dust that was
the insulation for the tin-roofed abode.
We caught June bugs in those days
haven’t seen one in years…
and tied a crochet string
to their back leg, so their bumbling,
awkward escape-attempt-flights  
entertained us…..kids played outside
in those days. Cokes were just nine cents
and the only fat kid was Porky
  on the Timmy and Lassie show.

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