Month: June 2016


Voyages Doubtless, a hundred years have passed since this ship sailed the seas off the coast of India. Its voyages, probably few ever recorded, ethereal now. Like that old saying that one cannot step into the same river twice, its wakes have long dissipated into the myriad past waves. This ship merely a ghost which left its […]

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Shhhhh…. I might have an idea….

My toughest critic (Barbara) is doing a final read on Fort Davis. A different style than my previously released novel A Second Dawn. Just a rip roaring western with lots of action: blood and guts. So far, she likes the way it gets underway in the first scene. Indian attack with the Buffalo Soldiers responding. I want […]

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Sharpen the Pencils

Anyone who’s ever written knows most have to “sharpen those pencils”. I told myself I needed to get after the writing…so…. in conjunction with that I’ve delved deeply into the above metaphor: organized rooms in the house, fixed things that needed fixin, filled in the appropriate boxes on paperwork that needed sent of for various […]

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